Here are our classmates that are planning to be at our 40th Reunion. Will your name be on the list?    If you want to be entered into the drawing for this beautiful 16X11 custom stained glass SHS Beaver send your money in before August 1st.  and the winner is ... Jeri Weeks (Ahler)

Mary Jo Alton
Micheal Attwood
Cliff Bailey
*Vicki (Thomas) Bell
*De Ann Bowers
*Tami (Baker) Bryan
*Bryan Buzzard
Alison Carpenter
Mark Carpenter

*Lisa (McKinney) Chamberlain
*Scott Chamberlain
Demetrio Coffman
*Margaret Cohea
Rod Cohodas
Mike Coleman
Kyle Cooper
*Ron Curry
*Cindy (Smith) Davis
Ross Defiel
Dan De La Portilla
*Allison (Rowe) Dukat
Susan Duncan
*Leslie (Roth) Freed

Tammy (Bruns) Gafvert
*Joe Giesemann
Bonnie (Gunkle) Griffing
*Harley Groff
Phil Gudenshwagger
*Stuart Handley
Aline (Frignac) Havens
Eric Johnson
*Lorelei (Wooden) Kaczmarski
*Cindy (Davis) Kleerup
*Wendy (Welt) Lamp
Don Langley
*Susan (Kastner) Langley

*Jane (Vogel) Maderia
Lori (Greer) Martin

John McGinley
*Patty (Page) McLaughlin
Leland Eric Moy
Nancy (Philippi) Ochser

*Merrill (Morrison) O'Connor
Larry Petroloukis

Tracy (Palmer) Quick
Dan Reynolds
Tina (McQuistan) Reynolds
*Robert Sanfratello

*Gary Saunders
*Jim Schaller
Mark Schwartz
Susan (Bailey) Seabrook
*Bruce Sears
*Lisa (Kennett) Sears
Casey Shewak
Barb Southworth
Sarah (Squire) Stumbo
Tim Tabor

Roger Thomas
*Cathe (Morris) Trier
*Kathleen (Berkheimer) Waters
*Jeri (Ahler) Weeks
Amy Welty
Kent White
Sharon (Hays) Widner
Amy (Sackett) Wilson
Rene' (Gregory) Zumbro

* Classmates entered into drawing for stained glass SHS Beaver
  (registered by August 1, 2018)